Saturday, January 14, 2012

Going to the AQSG Seminar - What to Bring?

New York Beauty with Nine Patch Cornerstones, c. 1940
Each year, the American Quilt Study Group has a Seminar. The Seminar brings quilt enthusiasts and scholars together for a weekend engaged in quilt study. In addition to the presentation of research papers chosen for publication in Uncoverings and a renowned keynote speaker, Seminar offers pre-conference tours, study center sessions, poster presentations, and roundtable discussions all directed toward the interests of quilt lovers. Other events include book signings, live and silent auctions, show-and-tell, exhibits and vendors.

Block detail, Florence Caldonia Corley Shealy's quilt, c. 1870, SC
I've never attended the Seminar before, but I've wanted to for a few years. In 2009, I was just becoming a member and found out about it too late. In 2010, I was signed up to do a poster presentation, but had to back out. In 2011, I was booked to do lectures and an exhibit at the Northwest Quilting Expo before I realized it was the same weekend as Seminar. But 2012 is going to be a whole different story. This year, the Seminar is in Lincoln, Nebraska - home of AQSG and the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. There, I will lead a study center on my New York Beauty quilts.

New York Beauty, unknown maker, c. 1940, Ohio
Say what? Did I really sign myself up to lead a study center at my first Seminar? Shouldn't I just do like other first-timers probably do, and sit in the back, wide-eyed, madly scribbling down notes?

From Texas, the late 19th century tan fabric was once another, deeper color
The biggest question of all is, "What to bring?"

C. 1870, unknown maker, Southeastern U.S.
Since I've got 50 New York Beauties at this point, and a few other quilts I'd love to share during show-and-tell, part of me just wants to load up the car and drive to Nebraska. Am I crazy for thinking that?

Another recent acquisition, c. 1940
Well, I guess I've got time to decide. Thank you to AQSG for this exciting opportunity. I can't wait! All suggestions about what to bring are welcome!


  1. What an exciting opportunity! I think I'd load up the car with as many of those gorgeous quilts as you can.

  2. Just jump on into the deep end. You'll do a great job.

  3. I'm planning to have a lot of fun with it! :)

  4. Like you I have been wanting to go for years and timing or location was not right. But this year it is not that far and my goal is to go. But I do not have the guts or knowledge to do study. My hats off to you and hope to see you there.

  5. Nebraska isn't that far from Oregon!! LOL

  6. What to bring? well, what are you going to "say" in your presentation? then bring quilts to highlight that.... then how long will you have for the seminar? then bring a few more to highlight the highlights... then oh what the heck, load up the car ... be sure and have some of your books available for purchase, just a few things to decide.