Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sensational Scrappy Stashbusters

Scrappy Crazy Block Sampler, c. 1900, Michigan
Today, a Facebook friend asked if I could provide more information about the quilts in the pictures I'd posted. In particular, she wanted to know if the quilts were all part of my collection, or if they were just interesting ones I'd found elsewhere. When I said they were all mine and I usually posted pictures whenever I received new quilts, she said, "Wow. Seems like you get a new one almost every day. The UPS truck must know the way to your house!"


Scrappy Bars Crib Quilt, c. 1970, Pennsylvania
This week I've had four new arrivals including two from eBay and two I found in Centralia, Washington, on my way back from my lecture in Tacoma. The theme of the week seems to be sensational scrappy stashbusters. I still need to take pictures of one of the pieces from Centralia, so there are three pictured here in this blog.

The first is a scrappy Crazy Block Sampler from Michigan, found on eBay, which absolutely sparkles with color. The quilt includes some orphan blocks and wonderful contrast between darks and bright colors. The second quilt, also found on eBay from a seller in Pennsylvania, is a scrappy Bars crib quilt. Even though it is a small piece with a very simple pattern, the use of color is lively and visually sophisticated.

Housetop Strips with Courthouse Steps, c. 1970, WA
The third quilt is one of two I found in Centralia, Washington on the way back from my lecture in Tacoma on Tuesday. I was driving down I-5, and saw a sign for an antiques district, so I pulled off and had a look around. I almost missed this quilt in one of the last shops I visited, but when I was lingering and chatting with the shop owners, I spotted this quilt tucked away, low to the ground. Didn't even have to unfold it to know I wanted it, but we opened it up quickly just to check the condition.

I'm not sure exactly what to call this quilt. It's like an irregular Housetop design made of strips, and includes elements of the Courthouse Steps Log Cabin design. The fabrics and colors scream 1970s. All of these quilts are scrappy. All would serve as great ideas for quilters who want to pare down a stash, and in terms of visual impact, all of them are sensational!


  1. I think sensational is right way to describe these quilts! I don't know which one to call my favorite out of these but love the last one so much that some day I might have to try to make similar quilt from my own stash.
    What an eye candy!

  2. absolutely fantastic. I am in envy and awe. wish you lived much closer to the east coast so I'd have a better chance of seeing these!!!

  3. These are just delightful examples of free spirited quilting! Love 'em!

  4. On that last quilt - if there was a pattern called "drunk on the courthouse steps" then this would be it! Love the fabrics and all the motion...

  5. I love the first quilt - it's so alive.

    I love the scrappy bars too. It's so simple but works with those quirky fabrics. I might just try that with my quirky christmas fabric collection.