Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Embroidered Crazy Block Top with Crazy Border

Recently I found this wonderful wool quilt top, and the unusual design really caught my eye. It's an embroidered crazy block with a crazy border, and I don't recall ever seeing one quite like it. I posted a picture to the Facebook page for Antique and Vintage Quilts, and my friend Pat Sloan asked to see detail pictures, so I thought I'd share some more pictures here.

The center block is embroidered with a flower basket and the name Clifford.
Wreath with leaves, flowers and ribbons.
Wreath with dragonflies and flowers
Block with embroidered flowers, and a section of the pieced border
Embroidered cat with ribbon and birds
I bought the top thinking I would sell it, but I may get it finished first. I have another embroidered wool quilt from the same period, turn-of-the-century, finished with a knife-edge binding and flannel back. So, that's how I'm thinking this piece should be finished. If there's anyone out there who feels like it would be a fun project to finish this piece, I'd be willing to sell it as a top and let you have all the fun! I'm also willing to share pictures of the other completed quilt for inspiration on an appropriate method of finishing. If you're interested, just send me an e-mail.