Monday, May 2, 2011

More Pictures from Paducah

Another amazing, patriotic redwork block. 
Sue, who reads my blog and frequently posts comments, asked for more pictures from here we go! I wish I'd taken a lot more, but this group is the rest of the best of what I got. I've also included pictures of the other quilts I decided to bring along, including the Strip Quilt with Nine-Patch Medallion by Lucy Mingo of Gee's Bend, Alabama, and the miniature non-traditional quilts by Andrea Balosky. As you can see, we saw a wide variety of quilts ranging from early 1800's to present. Enjoy the pictures!

This One-Patch quilt features a variety of early print fabrics,
most likely from the second quarter of the 19th century.
Detail from a Mariner's Compass block. The blue fabric intrigued me.
Another One-Patch with print fabrics from the late 19th century.
Early 19th century smaller scale floral chintz fabric.
Circular sunburst blocks with early Turkey reds and chintz print fabrics.
This wonderful early 19th century fabric showed some deterioration in
the dark color, which happened when the quilt was washed. The dye
mordants often contained sulfates, which would eventually oxidize.
My new friend Carol Beck shared this dazzling star quilt, which has
madder red, over-dyed green, and chrome yellow print fabrics.
Kitty Ledbetter, a Victorian history scholar from Texas, shared a variation
on the Thousand Pyramid pattern. The yellow-orange sashing is unique.
The wonderful, scrappy New York Beauty top I bought in Paducah.
The owner of this beautiful, late 19th century wool quilt considered it to be
a crazy quilt, but learned it was really more like a fans variation.
I had some room in my carry-on, so I brought along this quilt made by
Lucy Mingo of Gee's Bend, Alabama around 1979.
This gorgeous mid 19th century quilt top has an unusual setting that is
similar to an orange peel design. 
I also shared three of the miniature quilts made by Nyima Lhamo, aka
Andrea Balosky in 2011. These two came from the recent Alzheimer's Art
Quilt Initiative (AAQI) sale, and feature bright, solid fabrics.


  1. What a wide variety of quilts! I love the two made my Andrea Balosky....

  2. What a wonderful post - it's such a treat to see these quilts.

  3. thanks for posting this variety of quilts