Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mystery Deepens

Plate #25 from the 1988 Quilt Engagement Calendar
Mary Bywater Cross sent me a picture of Plate #25 in the 1988 Quilt Engagement Calendar, and although the quilt is not one of the two Couchman/Small album quilts, it raises more questions.

Detail from Mary Couchman Small album, c. 1850, Martinsbutg, WV
Both Couchman/Small album quilts descended through the family of one of Mary's other daughters, Harriett's sister, Elizabeth Jane Small Sperow. So, now I'm wondering if Elizabeth lived in Parkersburg, West Virginia at any time. If so, I wonder if she copied the design from Mary and Harriett's quilts. I've only ever seen this variation on the coxcomb pattern on these three quilts, and all three are from West Virginia.

The mystery deepens...


  1. I'm just catching up with your story here, but wanted to let you know my publisher did a book by Fawn Valentine on West Virginia quilts. Here is the link:

  2. Thank you, Gayle! I've got the book and have been in touch with Fawn a while back, as well as one of the other participants in the West Virginia Heritage Quilt Search, Juanita Reed. They've been very helpful.

    I blogged about the two quilts as a "Virtual" Poster Presentation for AQSG last year. Check it out: