Wednesday, February 2, 2011

American Legion Auxiliary Quilt - Names

Today, Mary Bywater Cross and I teamed up to transcribe the names appearing on the American Legion Auxiliary quilt from Post No. 9 in Salem, Oregon, 1931. It took us a little less than two hours. Mary read the names, and I typed them in to the computer.

If you're from Salem or know anyone from Salem who may know any of the families whose names appear on the quilt, please post a reply. Here's the list:

Inner Circle
Capital Unit of Post No. 9
Salem Oregon 1931
Pearl Vincent, 2nd Vice Pres.
Mae Waters, Jr. Past Pres.
Mabel Butte, S’gt. At Arms
Callie B. Heider, Dept. Pres.
Bess Watkins, Pres.
Fay Lieuallen, Se. Treas.
Harriet Wechter, Chaplain
Zola Melchior, 1st Vice Pres.

Helen Gragg, Pres. 1926
Ann Rattlem Pres. 1924
Gladys Mason, Ex. Com.
Claire Seeley, Ex. Com. & Col. Br.
Velma Bradford, Col. Br.
Aira White, Hist. - - Pres. 1929
Max Page, Commander
Jennie Bartlett, Ex. Com. – Pres. 1928
Lenora George, Pres. 1927
Laura Cleveland, Pres. 1925

Column 1 – Capital Unit Post No. 9
M. Clifford Moynihan – Mary Moynihan
June W. Moynihan – William Moynihan
Ruth Moynihan – June Moynihan
Mrs. Mary Moynihan
Reed Rowland – Edna Rowland
Oscar Cutler – Iva B. Cutler
Thomas Viracola – Jennie Viracola
C.V. Richardson – Yvonne Richardson
L.B. Detweiler – Alice E. Detweiler
Frank Cain – Ruth Cain
Goerge E. Chapman – John Coleman
Bill Bliven – Angie Bliven
Clark M. Will – J. P. Stirniman

Column 2A – Salem Oregon 1931
Frances Palmateer
Oral E. Palmateer
Walter Goughnour
Hannah Goughnour
Wesley Hastings
June Hastings
Ida Hastings
Madeline Binegar
Ray Binegar
Darval Binegar
T.E. Detennencourt
Marian Detennencourt
Ralph S. Harper
Austin Wilson, Sr.
Elma Wilson

Column 2B – Salem Oregon 1931
Thelma Andersen
Earl Andersen
Miller Hayden
Mrs. Miller Hayden
H. C. Algood – Waldo Mills
Oliver B. Huston
George Feller
L.A. Lucas
Frank C. Fitts
John H. Will
August Wilson, Jr.
Bert Stevens

Column 3A – Pearl Vincent
Ralph Mason
Harry Mason
Dorothy Mason
Clinton Mason
Vena Dodge
Margaret Alden
Ada Mills
Florence Tank
Anita Paxson
Lillian Cadwell
Bessie Martin
J. B. Brown
Edna Harvey – O.H. Harvey

Column 3B – Pearl Vincent
Willis Vincent, Sr.
Jean Vincent
Willis Vincent, Jr.
Mildred Bowersox
J.W. Bowersox
John Brady – Martha Brady
Marion Delaney – Tom Delaney
Charles Duval – Pearl Duval
Gertrude Shade – Dave Shade
W. H. Mc Rae – Vida Mc Rae
Earl Jennings – L. E. Stewart

Column 4A – Mae Waters
Glen Seeley
Blanche Fournier
Henry Fournier
Donald Seeley
Mealy Lee – Archie R. Lee
Doris Enos – Donald Baker
Wilfred Baker – Lawrence Baker
Samantha Baker – Edward Baker
Everett W. Baker
Curtis H. Johnson – Helen B. Johnson
Loyal W. Henderson  - Doc Hockett

Column 4B – Mae Waters
Frank N. Waters
Patricia Waters
Donald Waters
Frank W. Waters
Huldah Waters
Wm. T. Myers
Ella Wood – Frances Myers
J.S. Urschel (gold star)
S. May Urschel
Ava Bradord – E. L. Urschel
Allan John Olson

Column 5A – Mabel Butte
Hulda Bradford
Elbert M. Bradfort
Miles J. Bradford
Willie A. Foster
Lolabelle Foster
Pauline Foster
Felix Foster
Roy Foster
J. W. Urschel
Oscar Urschel
D. F. Urschel
W. Carlton Smith
John A. Olson – Mrs. John A. Olson

5B – Mabel Butte
Chris. Butte
Billy Butte
Jimmy Butte
Dr. C. W. Davis
Mrs. C. W. Davis
A.S. Johnson
Grace H. Johnson
William E. Graham
Elsie Graham
Jane Graham
Bill Kletger – W. A. Blake
I. H. Klinger – Fred Mangis
Myrtle Johnson

6A – Callie B. Heider
Rufe White
Elsie Barnhart
Helen White
Jim White
Etta White
Emma Pearce – Mom (?) Pearce
Irl Mc Sherry, Post. Com. ’32 – Lula D. Ogden
Nell Brandt
Charles T. Jones
Anne Jones – Dist. Pres. ‘32
Alexander McGee – Mabel McGee
W. J. Reid – H. J. Neiger – Leo Sutter
Jerry Owen – Mrs. Jerry Owen
Bill Brazeau – Eleanor Brazeau
H. S. Keefer – Ms. H.S. Keefer
F. Howard Zinser – Van Seller Weider
Walter Oldenburg – Alice Oldenburg

7A – Bess Watkins
Sid George, P. D. C.
Alice George, Dept. V.P. ‘32
LaDocia Cobb, Dept. P. ‘32
Mabel McInturff, Dept. Sec.
Bill McInturff
J.W. McInturff
William Levin
Rosaline Poe – Oscar L. Poe
M. Bortz – Mrs. M. Bortz
H.H. Johnson – Frank Simon
Katherine Brown

7B – Bess Watkins
Bill Watkins
Marjorie Watkins
Wilfred Watkins, Jr.
James Gardner (gold star)
P. V. Edwards
Gladys Edwards
Nota Henderson
Jack Henderson
Hana Hofstetter
Della Hofstetter
Rodney Hofstetter
Beverly Hofstetter
Gordon Hofstetter
Grover Hofstetter
Floyd Hamilton
Jim Flood

8A – Fay Lieuallen
King Bartlett
Jean Bartlett
Beryl Porter
Glenn Porter
Marjorie Johnson
Gordon Johnson
Arthur Johnson
Dennis Stevenson
Jeanette Stevenson
Bud Stevenson
Ray Bassett
A. L Adolphson

8B – Fay Lieuallen
Byron Lieuallen
Delbert Anderson
Belle Nadon
Cyril Nadon
Tengiene Nadon
Matilda Nadon
Adrian C. Nadon
Goldie Nadon
Vivian Nadon
Tom Hill – Pearl Hill
Maude Hand – Paul Hand
Fred Gahlsdorf – William Einzig

9A – Harriet Wechter
Pearl Victor
Jean Lois Victor
Minnie Jirak
Frank Jirak, Sr.
Frank Jirak, Jr.
Frances Jirak
Elizabeth Kindred
Oscar Kindred – Joel Kindred
Ida Kindred
Dick Barton – Louisa Barton
Grace Gustafson – Harry Gustafson
Don Wiggins – Roy M. Smith
E. Deoring – L. Demarest
Carroll Jean Gragg

9B – Harriet Wechter
Harry Wechter
Eugene Wechter
Kent Wechter
Joe Marcroft, Sr.
Dorothy Marcroft
Vara G. Marcroft
Joe Marcroft, Jr.
M. E. Reeves
Lee McAllister
Clayton W. Jones
L.A. Klecker
June Lockridge

10A – Zola Melchior
Beryl De Guire
Ray De Guire
Ida Wooten
Elmer Wooten
Newell Williams
Marian Williams
Marie Blundell
J. G. French
Earl Lane – C. K. Logan
Grant Farris

10B – Zola Melchior
Mike Melchior
Joseph Ringwald
Raymond Ringwald
Richard Ringwald
Mary Ringwald
Donald Ringwald
Hubert C. Davis
Doris Davis
Sharon Davis
Barbara Davis
Helen Olsen – Onas Olsen
John F. Curtis – Deborah Curtis
R. S. King


  1. MIchele Viracola-LeinerApril 18, 2011 at 5:23 AM

    My Granparents were Jennie and Thomas Viracola listed in Column 1. Jennie grew up in Oregon and later moved to NJ where she me Thomas and eventually married him.

  2. Dear Michele, Thank you so much for the note. Please forgive me for the delay in replying. Thought you might be interested in knowing the quilt will be on display at the High Desert Museum in Bend starting in mid-May.

  3. Hi Michele,

    About T.E. Detennencourt: Column 2A - Salem, Oregon 1931. I believe that is my great uncle. He was born Frank Merski in Poland, 1897. He grew up in Whately, MA. He changed his name to Ted Edward Detennencourt (or De Tennencourt) sometime after leaving home to join the military. I have a military document stating this, with my grandfather listed as next of kin. This was a very interesting find!

  4. Sorry, my comment was meant for Willy Wonka, not Michele, lol...