Monday, October 18, 2010

eBay: New York Beauty Top

This New York Beauty Top was found on eBay
What a great discovery I just had on eBay! This nice little top is unfinished - perfect for an ephemera grouping in my 2011 show. 

Display nook in the exhibit hall at the Benton County Historical Museum.
The exhibit hall at the Benton County Museum has two nooks, glass covered cases built in to the wall on both sides when facing the stage. This top will be a wonderful display item for one of those cases, and it will show how foundation piece work revolutionized and revitalized the New York Beauty quilt pattern. All the foundation is visible from behind.


  1. Now you're teasing. Tell us more about your show.

  2. More info in two of the previous posts over the last week, but I'm having a show of 150 years of "New York Beauties" at the Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath, Oregon next year. I probably won't be able to fit all the examples I have in my collection, but maybe as many as 20.