Saturday, June 17, 2017

picture quality

"After" photo: a rare, early geometric pieced quilt from Rhode Island, c. 1800
It's always nice to improve with age. This year, I have been quietly redoing photos of some of my quilts. Many of the photos were taken several years ago, and my skills have improved since then. Take a look at the "before" photo.

"Before" photo
The "before" photo really wasn't bad, but there were some things I didn't like about it. The lighting was a little uneven, especially along the top edge, and there was too much contrast. In the "after" photo, it is easier to distinguish the subtle colors-- three soft green triangles along the top border, versus the pale gold damask in the points of the stars.
By the way, the quilt is a rare, early example of geometric patchwork in America. It was made around 1800 and came from Rhode Island. I love having such a wonderful, old quilt from Rhode Island, having spent some time there in the 1980s as a student at Rhode Island School of Design. I can picture this quilt on a tall four-post bed in one of the elegant homes along Benefit Street.


  1. I want to photograph my quilts...waiting until my 6'4" brother Mike comes to visit!

  2. That is a stunning quilt! And you are right, that while the first photo is okay, the second one is so much more crisp and clear! This post is a reminder that I need to take all new photos of my quilts an update their info.