Sunday, June 15, 2014

quilt study - an amazing project

quilt top inspired by a quilt in my collection
Every two years, the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG) challenges members to study quilts by recreating and reinterpreting them. Completed quilts are exhibited at the Seminar, and selected quilts are exhibited in venues around the country. The 2010 Star quilt study, for example, was exhibited here in Oregon at Latimer Quilt & Textile Center. There have also been books available of the study quilts in recent years.

the inspiration quilt, c. 1850, Kentucky
I thought I'd tell you about it because someone is making a quilt inspired by one of the quilts in my collection, and I have permission to share some photos. The maker's identity shall remain a secret for now, but I am so happy to have permission to share these pictures. I have been keeping it a secret until now, but enough of the work is done, it looks like the quilt will really be a reality. It just needs finishing-- borders, quilting and binding.

fabric colors - it's a red, white and green quilt with cheddar orange
fabric with foundation templates - ready to start piecing
templates were first cut out, then the piecing began
tiny cornerstones - amazing!
believe your eyes - it's the real deal 
more piecing - the blocks
sashing sections - more piecing than you might think
going together nicely
the general layout, before sewing it together
this was where it was at, as of today
I am so honored that someone would want to reproduce a quilt from my collection, especially someone I admire so much. And what a wonderful job the maker is doing. I say, "Keep going!!" Can't wait to see the finished quilt! What an amazing project!!


  1. It is tremendous to hear the story of the inspiration and see everything one together in the process, can't wait for the full reveal and story!

  2. Amazing indeed, and quite intimidating. Look forward to seeing more

  3. What exquisite work! Looking forward to hearing more about this quilt and its mystery maker:)