Friday, June 13, 2014

Forging Ahead to the Twentieth Century

the nineteenth century quilt files

I'm all done with the descriptions of the nineteenth century quilts in my "New York Beauty" collection, and now it's time to move forward into the twentieth century when the Name "New York Beauty" was first used for these quilts. There were 29 quilts in the nineteenth century group, and there are another 29 in the twentieth century.

the twentieth century quilt files
As I write each description, I am renaming the files in order of appearance, and renaming picture files to keep things in good order. I'll bet some of you are just dying to see what's in these mysterious files, so I'll tease you with a sneak peek inside one of them-- Quilt 9, the MacMillan Family Quilt.

Quilt 9, The MacMillan Family Quilt

Each file includes the description, a full view picture and several detail shots such as block/sash/cornerstone, edge finish and quilting designs. Depending on the quilt, there are five to ten photos, and all of the photos have been edited and corrected in Photoshop. A lot of work! And yes, I'm backing up my files frequently, in more than one place!

A couple weeks ago I got a note from the publisher, saying they would have time to work on layout in July. Even though the deadline is in September, I'll be ready to send them a major chunk of the book toward the end of June. I'm proud of my progress, but not yet ready to rest on my laurels. LOL! It's time to get back to work!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy lately! It's going to be amazing when you have your book done this fall.

  2. Ha I like your little sneak peek, sounds like you are working hard but also having fun!