Thursday, February 11, 2021

looking at quilts in a new way

we loved this quilt but sold it two days after we found it

We love quilts and have a lot of them. Many were featured in print publications, magazines and books. We always felt the quilts gained a little something by being published. They were famous in their own way, so we needed to hold on to them. 

A favorite quilt from "Modern Roots" - sold.

Now we're looking at these quilts in a new way, or maybe we're seeing them the same way from a different angle. We always wanted people to enjoy them, but didn't sell many. Maybe it was time. 

Scrappy 'Stacked Bars' quilt from Modern Roots - for sale on Etsy

Over the last couple years, we started picking up quilts at thrift shops and reselling them in a booth at Antique Alley, a local antiques and vintage co-op here in Portland. A lot of these quilts were made in the last 20 years, in good condition, and some were even mass produced. It didn't matter. People wanted them. They also wanted to repurpose handmade quilts in poor condition, so they bought those-- plus antique and vintage quilt blocks and tops.

Published quilts are different, though. We want people to know where they've been, so we have to find a way to transfer that information. 

T-shaped quilt from New Hampshire, available now on Etsy

Maybe it's be OK let other people enjoy them, in the cloth. Maybe our friends out there in the world need the quilts as much as we did when we first found them. Maybe our work is done, and it's time to let go and share the love.

1930s Double Wedding Ring, available soon!

The quilts don't need to be archived any longer. They don't need to be in storage, waiting for us to do something else with them. We are plucking them out of storage one by one and offering them up. There are a few in our Etsy shop, but we sometimes post on Facebook before listing them. It's easy and direct, and sometimes we already know the people who may want to buy a quilt.

Our Etsy shop is called Vintage House PDX, and we'll be listing quilts, jewelry and other objects. you can also find us on Facebook and at Antique Alley, 2000 NE 42nd Avenue, lower level in case #36 and booth C-1 in Portland. Antique Alley is open 11am-5pm Monday through Saturday. We thank our friends for helping us look at quilts in a new way, and we appreciate your support in our quilt rehoming effort.

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