Tuesday, March 17, 2020

what to do?

maybe I will write another book
I'm not really bored, but a new project could be fun right now. Maybe I will write another book.

my first book
My first book is all about a complex American patchwork design known as "New York Beauty" (Quiltmania/France 2015). I wrote the book and did all the photography in the summer of 2014. It was a big project, but it only took me two months to complete. The book summarized 25 years of collecting the spiky-curvy design and its variants, so that's how long the project really took.

my second book
My second book, "Modern Roots" (C&T/Stash 2016) focuses on modernism in American patchwork. It's primarily a project book and includes inspiration quilts from my collection made between 1840 and 1970. Although I have never used a pattern to make a quilt, the publishers had a whole team working on the patterns and instructions. They did a fabulous job.

our book, my third
The third book, "Inspired Free-Motion Quilting" (C&T/Stash 2018) is co-authored with Mandy Leins, who created stunning free-motion quilting designs inspired by masterpiece quilts made between 1790 and 1870. The quilts represent an elegant period of American quiltmaking, and the book is a masterpiece in its own right, largely due to Mandy's significant contribution.

I would love to publish an "official" book about the quilts of the 1970s
Those are my three official books, but quilts from the collection appear in dozens of other books and I have also self-published several books using Blurb. I did a big 1970s book a few years ago. It needs updating. I want to do a big book of the whole collection. It's hard to know where to begin. I suppose, in the words of T.S. Eliot, "There will be time, there will be time"


  1. YES. Please. Write another book. I would love to see you go deep on those crazy 1970s quilts!

  2. Do you have one that would help me dat what style of quilt was made when... Like when was Jacob's Ladder popular, Churn Dash, Hole in the Barn Door, 9-patch most popular when?

  3. thanks so much for your New York Beauty book - I bought a copy for my birthday this week and its just beautiful - the New York Beauty is my favourite and so this book will take pride of place on my shelf - if it ever gets off the table :)