Thursday, November 15, 2018

Where have I seen that quilt before? (4)

The French expression "deja vu" translates to "already seen" and is meant to express the uncanny feeling of recollection. Sometimes people look at the quilts in my collection and think, "Deja vu!" Chances are, they have already seen the quilts...but where? 

This 1970s polyester quilt from Georgia first appeared in a special exhibit at the 2015 edition of QuiltCon in Austin, Texas. 

At the time, it was included in an article about 1970s quilts in Quilters Newsletter, and in QuiltCon Magazine.

Quilters Newsletter article, 2015
QuiltCon Magazine 2015
It also appeared in the recent release, "Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century" and the traveling exhibition, which was displayed at the Schweinfurth Arts Center and the Dairy Barn Arts Center in 2018.

Before the quilt came to my collection, it was for sale online and nobody really knew about it. Now, it's a quilt a lot of people have seen, even if they cannot remember where they saw it before.  

The best part about having a quilt collection is sharing the quilts, even if it seems like oversharing. People worry about oversharing in 2018. It's a thing. I never worry about it with old quilts. I want everyone to see them, even if some folks saw them before. The quilts may be old, but it never gets old looking at them.

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