Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Turn and burn...

"Turn and burn" is an expression used by restaurant folks. You might hear it on a busy Saturday night when the servers are "turning and burning" their tables to seat as many consecutive parties as possible. The trick is to make the guests feel happy, satisfied, and not rushed at all.

Turn and burn was the plan for this quilt. It cost less than dinner for one at Sayler's Old Country Kitchen, so I was going to grab it and sell it right away. Then it arrived, I took its official portrait and changed my mind. It's a keeper.

I love the vibrant polyester double knit fabrics, the yellow ties and the mix of solid and pattern.

I especially love the bold, large design-- just two oversized blocks with wide, solid borders. The scale reminds me of some of the quilts I see being made today...modern quilts. Once again, everything old is new. I am happy I decided not to turn and burn this quilt. One day I may sell it, but I'm holding on to it for now.

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  1. Love your write up..... not so sure about the quilt....