Wednesday, June 27, 2018


The other day, I woke up and logged in to eBay. No particular reason, I was simply curious to see what antique applique quilts were available. Imagine my surprise when I found this applique quilt from South Carolina.

19th century applique quilt from South Carolina
It's a doppelgänger! I found another quilt very much like it four years ago in a shop here in Portland, and called it the "Start the Car" quilt. To read more about it, click here.

The "Start the Car" quilt, found in Portland in 2014
The two quilts share the same block design, a large, stylized floral motif with four branches. Both quilts have six of these blocks and meandering vine borders.

Barbara Brackman blogged about this design on her Material Culture blog in 2013, calling the design "Pumpkin Patch" based on an early published design by Ladies' Art Company. To read more about it, click here.

I didn't have to think long or hard before clicking "Buy It Now" - and the price was very fair. Can't wait to see the two quilts side-by-side, in the cloth!

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  1. I like how in the South Carolina quilt the leaves form a circle. Adds a design element that the Portland quilt is missing.