Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Green Velvet

Crazy Quilt, velvets, unknown maker, Indiana, c. 1950, 66" x 79"

I love shiny things. When I saw this crazy quilt, it really caught my eye. The top was made with only one fabric, large patches of luminous green velvet. The patches were randomly pieced to create simple geometric designs within three columns. The velvet is embossed with a repeat wave design, and the patches are outlined with yellow hand stitching along each seam.

It appears to be from the mid-century period, c. 1950, and came from an eBay seller in Bedford, Indiana. There was no additional information with it, but it is 66" x 79", with no batting or quilting, and it is backed with coarsely woven green cotton fabric, brought from back to front for binding. The velvet gives it a hint of luxury even though the piece is kind of kitcshy. A cool find, and green is one of my favorite colors.

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