Friday, June 30, 2017

Coming soon: two Hawaiian scrap patchwork spreads

My friend Marjorie Childress told me about this Hawaiian scrap patchwork spread on eBay. It is 57" x 77" and is coming from a seller in Honolulu.

Made mostly of multicolor strips, there's a large patch of red floral fabric in one corner.

The edges are finished but there is no backing or batting. Basically, it's a bedspread.

While I was poking around, I found another gem. This one is coming from an eBay seller in Kailua Kona, and is finished the same way-- edge finished with no backing or batting.

And it's bright! I love these hot-colored patchwork spreads made of dayglo fabrics.

This one is 50" x 58" but the colors make a big statement. I think the colors are probably closer to the first photo, with the quilt draped over the bench. It's not always easy to photograph DayGlo.

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