Sunday, March 19, 2017

The NBC Quilt

Here's an unusual quilt. It's an NBC quilt! I don't think I've ever seen a quilt made with a television network and its logo as the theme. Had to have it! And it was a bargain.

The quilt was made in West Virginia in the middle to late 1970s, when NBC used the "Trapezoid N" logo to celebrate its 50th anniversary. To read more about the history of the NBC logos, click here.

The quilt is 28" x 32" and is hand appliqued, hand quilted and embroidered. It includes four hand-appliqued Trapezoid N logos, a hand-appliqued peacock outlined in hand embroidery, and "NBC" in large, blue embroidered letters.

NBC has had many logos, but the iconic Peacock was not the first. NBC, the National Broadcast Company, had its first logo in 1944. It was a radio microphone. The first Peacock logo came 12 years later.

NBC Television Logo (1944)
NBC Color Xylophone Logo (1954-59)
original NBC Peacock (1956)
NBC Snake Logo (1959-1975)
"Laramie" Peacock Logo (1962-1975)
"Trapezoid N" Logo (1976-1979)
"Proud N" Logo (1979-1986)
Peacock logo (1986-2013)

Gradient Version (2011-2013)

Stylized Crystal Variant (2013-present)
Stylized Crystal Variant (2013-present)
The NBC quilt is forever connected to the middle-to-late 1970s period because of the "Trapezoid N" Logo.

I remember when the "Trapezoid N" logo was first introduced, but not so much when it disappeared. It seemed like the peacock was always there. So interesting to have these two logos memorialized in a quilt. The maker must have been a big fan of NBC. Don't miss the star motifs in the quilting.

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