Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sewing at Modern Domestic: The Cat Face Quilt

On wednesday I spent some time at Modern Domestic. I was working on my cat face quilt, the one inspired by Melissa Averinos.

Michelle Freedman provided some technical instruction. We worked on ways to edge-finish the appliqué. Some of my favorite raw-edge applique quilts have edges finished with a fine, tight zig-zag or satin stitch, so she showed me how to do that, and I practiced.

I was working on one of those fancy little Bernina machines, a classroom machine. It was all computerized, so I took a photo to remember how it was set.

About a third of the applique is now stitched down. I was having a little trouble getting the feed dogs to work after raising the foot to pivot the quilt. So, the stitching is a little inconsistent fot that reason.

You can see places where it got stuck, and where I had to push it a little to get it going again.

The subject of my funny cat face quilt is Lulu, my jet-black, talking, feral rescue cat. You can see the funny expression on her face in the original photo.

I'm going back soon to work on the quilt, maybe even finish it  One of my ideas for 2016 was to be more of a maker, but the year hasn't gone exactly to script. Making some quilts stayed in the back of my mind, so I'm happy to be working on a project.


  1. Well, you have been doing "something" this year... and it has not appeared on the blog - yet.... so cleaver to take a picture of machine settings..

  2. This is going to be an adorable quilt! I like using my blanket stitch on my machine to finish raw-edge applique. Since fusible applique is the only kind I will do, I have gotten a bit of practice at it and it looks like I did hand-stitched blanket stitches. I did one fusible project that I just quilted the heck out of all the fusible (because I know fusible isn't forever) and that worked out well. Can't wait to see this finished!

  3. I am a person who loves your Lulu. The cat quilt is coming along beautifully ! Did you see Jen Carltom Bailly's? Also inspired by Melissa Averinos. Sweet!

  4. So glad you are working on the cat quilt! i like your stitching- where you say it got stuck, it just adds to the charm and shows that a human being sewed it, not a robot. ! think your Lulu quilt is delightful.

  5. This quilt make me smile every time I see it!!