Sunday, March 13, 2016


I love working with magazines. In the last few months, I appeared in Quilters Newsletter, Quiltmania, American Quilter, Simply Moderne, Generation Q, QuiltCon Magazine and Pratique du Patchwork, mostly with features I'd written before Thanksgiving.

I keep track of press on my Facebook collection page. There is a photo album called "press, etc." where you will find close to 100 photos of press items related to my quilt activities. I get requests from editors and publishers, and when responding, I try to offer something fresh each time. It is useful to look back at older press. I find it helps me avoid being repetitive.

my article about Hawaiian Scrap Quilts in Generation Q Magazine
The latest article is in Generation Q Magazine, which should be hitting the newsstands and mailboxes any day now. "Kalakoa! The Wild Child of Hawaiian Quilting has Royal Roots" is about the Hawaiian scrap quilts. It is not my first article on the subject. 
Blanket Statements, American Quilt Study Group

Earlier this year I published an academic research article about these quilts in Blanket Statements, newsletter of the American Quilt Study Group. The new article in Generation Q is more personal and anecdotal, and tells the story about how I discovered the tradition. 

Generation Q Magazine

Looking ahead, there will be many other publications, and a book coming out in May. As the publications arrive, I will do my best to post them. It helps me track of what I've done, a good reminder to keep it fresh.


  1. Wow you are prolific! Do you eat or sleep?!

  2. That was fun to look back on a summary of your blog. The album is getting a tad large - perhaps you will sub album the articles by publication.....

  3. Saw your article in Quilters Newsletter, Bill. Nicely done!