Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quilt Your Heart Out Podcast

Marianne and Mary Fons are always working on something wonderful, and their latest project is a new podcast called Quilt Your Heart Out. I will be a guest on one of the very first episodes, when I will respond to a question about one of my favorite details when finishing quilts. Thats all I can say for now, but I will post an announcement when the podast is airing.

From the Quilt Your Heart Out website:

Pithy Advice on Patchwork + Relationships
This weekly podcast hosted by nationally recognized mother-daughter quilting team Marianne Fons and Mary Fons will launch in February, 2016. Quilt Your Heart Out is the first-ever listener-interactive podcast specifically designed for quilting enthusiasts. Check out how to ask us a question — you may have some time on air! We’ll see you in February, and in the meantime, quilt your heart out. ~ Marianne + Mary

at the Radio Room in Portland when Mary was visiting
We had fun chatting when recording the segment, and producer Heather Kinion did a fine job keeping us all in line, even though we got to talking about things other than the original question. I adore Marianne and Mary, and it's always fun to talk with them. Stay tuned for an announcement about the air date. I will post it here when we know. To get a preview, click here.

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