Thursday, October 1, 2015

another spin on the hexagon

In yesterday's blog I featured Hexagon quilts. Well, here's another spin on the Hexagon quilt; but these hexagons are surrounded by narrow, interlocking, trapezoidal strips on all six sides, creating a complex, visually sophisticated design.

The pattern is called Woven Pattern and it appeared in a book called "Quilt Patterns for the Collector, with Keys for Drafting" by L.K. Meeker of Portland, Oregon, 1979. According to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns it is #425.7.

The quilt came from an eBay seller in Georgia. It is 76" x 92", the top is 100% polyester double knit, and the backing appears to be a pre-quilted bedspread with botanical / tall grass print in browns on off white.

The quilt is tied with colorful yarn, which is much more evident when you see it in person, and there is a wide variety of fabrics and colors.

There are just a few more days to see the exhibition "Modern Materials, Quilts of the 1970s" at the Benton County Museum in Philomath, Oregon. THROUGH SATURDAY!! For more information about the exhibition, location, hours,  and other venues showing quilts during Quilt County 2015, click here.


  1. Yikes! look at all those Y seams........

  2. Y seams aren't a big deal, not nearly as fiddly as they seem at first glance. I'd much rather do a Y seam than have a line of seaming down the middle of the hexies! This quilt is amazing--the sheer number of prints and colors is mind-boggling!