Thursday, September 24, 2015

Northwest Quilting Expo: The Green Cross Quilt by Gail Weiss

Green Cross Quilt, 2015, by Gail Weiss, Portland Modern
The 2015 Northwest Quilting Expo is open today through Saturday, and this year's show has a variety of beautiful exhibits including a dynamic special display by Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG). If I could pick a favorite quilt, the "Green Cross Quilt" by Gail Weiss of PMQG would be it. The elegant, improvisational design was inspired by Susan Beal's Modern Crosses Quilt; but this quilt is not just modern, it is of the moment.

A quilted cannabis leaf appears in the large green cross in the lower right-hand section, and the quilt commemorates the legalization of cannabis in Oregon. You can't get much more current than that.

This type of subject matter, dealing with hotly-debated current events, is seldom seen in quilt shows. The quilt conveys its message gracefully, and that's what I find most remarkable. It is a quintessential early 21st century quilt, something for the future quilt history books.

I should also mention: Gail received her first-ever quilt show ribbon for her wonderful Hexie Jellyfish Quilt. There's a good reason why I call her Hexie Queen! Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I just had my phone today.

Of course, there were many other incredible quilts in the show, something for everyone...but I only saw parts. Will try to post some more pictures of the PMQG display later on. I'll be back on Saturday most likely. The Northwest Quilting Expo runs through Saturday. For more information, click here


  1. I'm humbled... there were so many amazing quilts at the show. Thanks for being such a supportive friend!

    1. It's an outstanding quilt! There is nothing else like it in the show, and I've never seen anything like it in any show. Kudos, Gail!