Sunday, August 30, 2015

crazy Crazy Quilt

This crazy Crazy Quilt is one of my favorite 1970s quilts. It is one of the more complex, original designs. People often say it is like an Eye Spy. I agree There are all kinds of things you can find if you keep looking at it, and sometimes you'll spot things you hadn't noticed before.

Eye spy a camel...and I think I know something about the templates the quiltmaker used. :)

Eye spy a gingerbread man!
The quilt came from a seller in Florida. It is 72" x 93" and is made of mixed fabrics including cottons and synthetics. There is a "1776" Liberty Bell patch, something you might have seen in the 1970s around the Bicentennial. It is pieced and appliquéd, with decorative black stitching outlining each patch, and shapes jump out of the crazy patchwork. The whole effect is kaleidoscopic, psychedelic.

The quilt is part of my exhibition, "Modern Materials, Quilts of the 1970s" -- now on display at the Benton County Museum in Philomath, Oregon. For more information about the exhibition, location, hours,  and other venues showing quilts during Quilt County 2015, click here.


  1. It is quite mind boggling looking at that crazy Crazy quilt, I can see all sorts of wonderful things on it.

  2. I love this wonderful crazy quilt. It's the type of quilt that you would see new things every time you looked at it.

  3. Wow- Love this in every way! I suspect this maker was no stranger to psychedelics:)

  4. I just found your blog a couple weeks ago, and am enjoying your posts so much. Although I prefer to work with only natural fibers and have an aversion to polyester, I am a child of the '70s after all...and I am loving your quilts! What an amazing collection. I love all their color and free spirit (especially one like this, with so many wonderful surprises to discover!) I wish I could see your exhibit, but live far away in Michigan. Thank you for sharing them here :)