Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pour l'Amour du Fil, Nantes, France

Around closing time, day 1 - my quilts are along the wall at the top
Having fun at Pour l'Amour du Fil in Nantes, France. Today was Day 1, and lots of people came through. I was very happy to meet several Facebook friends in person for the first time, and they were all simply delightful -- and from all over the world. The show is on through Saturday, April 25th. For more information, click here.

my quilt "Fruity Beauty" and I at Pour l'Amour du Fil
most of the quilts were along the far wall and in the adjacent alcoves
but a few, like this one, were in special spots
with 50 quilts in the display, we think it is the largest-ever display
of New York Beauty quilts and related designs

even though the book weighs 2 kilograms, it was flying off the sales tables
the highly coveted event bag...I know, I know...everybody wants one :) 


  1. Wow, what a fun trip! Enjoy, and bon voyage!

  2. Great to meet you and your mother Bill and what a fabulous display of quilts. Draw dropping beautiful.
    Gorgeous book too,I will have many happy enjoying it.

  3. What a fun time and how sweet that the event bag ties in so well to your display! Highly coveted is right!

  4. Ahhh.... the quilts..... your quilts!!!!! and that bag is to die for.....where does one get one????? can your mom put 200 in your luggage ?????