Tuesday, September 17, 2013

happy day

It's always a happy day when something great arrives on your doorstep. This magnificent object is an early American candlewick spread - handmade - and it took my breath away when I opened it up.

Most of these pictures are lit from behind, making the spread look gray- but it's really white. Candlewicking is a form of whitework.

It came from Julia Kelly-Hodenius of Pique, who found it in Massachusetts. Since I don't know a lot about candlewicking - this is the first piece I have acquired - I'll look forward to learning more about it.


  1. Neat! Now I want to learn about candlewicking!

  2. Candlewicking...one of the many crafts taught to me during the bicentennial! Need to find those photos of me in colonial garb at the Suffix Resolves House...

    This spread of course is much nicer! Really a wonderful piece. Great motifs!

  3. do you know tim quilts? here is his blog and he is doing a quilt right now


  4. Incredible! How beautiful. Does my memory fail me, or was candlewicking the foundation for chenille work in the south? Something is ringing a distant bell.