Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Honor and a Gift

1970s polyester top, finished in 2012
It had been several months since I'd been able to attend a board meeting at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center in Tillamook, but I made it over to yesterday's 9am meeting. It was great to see everyone, and the new library is looking great. During the meeting, I was presented with a Life Membership to Latimer as thanks for a donation from my family last year. It was very humbling to receive such a great honor. Thank you, Latimer!

The quilt has a nice variety of textured double-knit polyester fabrics
After the meeting, I was speaking with one of the newer board members, Rhoda DeGiovanni, about a polyester quilt top someone in the guild had found. The top was recently finished by members of the guild, and Rhode brought it in so we could look at it. I shared observations about the similarities between the quilt and the ones I'd found, and commented about how nice a job the Tillamook County Quilters had done finishing it.

The finish was very much in keeping with what I'd expect to see on a quilt from the 70s. It had simple, chunky binding rolled from back to front, soft fabric on the back, and was tied very simply with one tie in the center of each square.

Love the label on the back!
There was also a label on the back with two cows eating grass and the message, "Made with love by the Tillamook County Quilter's Guild." I thanked Rhoda for sharing the quilt with me, and that's when she said I could have it. Of course, I was blown away and very grateful. This quilt is really a "time-span" quilt, started at one time and finished many years later. As such, it's a great example of how to finish a quilt using a perfectly chosen period style. Well done, Tillamook County Quilters, and thank you!!

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