Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some New Old Things

"Founding Father" art quilt wallhanging, c. 1976, Texas
Early 19th century quilt top with rare vibrant green patches
I've been finding a lot of fun quilts and textiles on eBay lately. Here are some of the things I've found.

Funky 1970s orange and blue quilt, complete with fat binding!
Early 20th century strippy Bars quilt top from back east
The first of two wonderful 1940s New York Beauties
...and the second...
Early 19th century patchwork quilt found in Oregon
An 1830s four-post "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" from New England
...and just for fun, a 1970s "Silly Goose" Log Cabin crib quilt
Most of these new old things were bargains, and there are a few more arriving soon. Then it will be time to start selling off other quilts I've had for a long time to make room for all the new ones. I'm working on a new web site called "Willy Wonky Quilts" where I will be selling and consigning lots of great quilts, so stay tuned...


  1. Cool stuff! I've often wondered what will become of the 70s early quilt revival quilts. You may have the first collection!

  2. There are a few collectors who are well ahead of me. Roderick Kiracofe is one of them. I'm sure he has great ideas for his quilts. I have a few ideas, too.

  3. Fantastic! That fat binding could almost be a border:)