Friday, August 19, 2011

eBay End-of-Summer Clearance Sale!

Fabulous Wool Tumbling Blocks quilt, this week on eBay

It's time to get ready for back-to-school season, and I'm having another eBay sale! Several quilts are among the offerings, which also include sterling silver, Tommy Bahama silk camp shirts, swimming instruction DVDs, and other random collectibles. Here are a few of the items listed.

Signed Steuben crystal bouquet vase, George Thompson design
Henry Clifford Davis Sterling Fishing Trophy, Bermuda, 1936
Patriotic Airplanes quilt, c. 1940
Mecca trading card, U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Charles Daniels
Pottery Barn two-sided blue and white pillow cover
Cotton Crazy Block quilt, c. 1900.
Gorham Sterling Silver Revere Bowl
Georgia Bars cotton utility quilt, c. 1910
Busy week, but a lot of fun sorting through things and deciding what to keep and what to let go. If you're interested in seeing what's for sale, click here!


  1. You know, you are just fun.....end of summer clearance sale. Your trophy got me thinking about a trophy I have in the cabinet.... my mother's from Barot College.... her name but no year... it is same era as yours. Time to polish it and enjoy some flowers and special memories. Thanks.

  2. The fun part for me was finding out more about some of the things I had. I've had the trophy for years - because I thought it was amusing - but I'd never researched the silver mark. Same with swimmer Charles Daniels, who I hadn't really researched much because his heyday was so long ago. I hadn't realized he was credited as the inventor of the American Crawl. What a hoot!! I also came across things that I decided I wanted to keep - family things and other items. It's cathartic to have a sale like this, but also reaffirming in a way.