Saturday, April 16, 2011

Couldn't Resist...

I know, I'm supposed to be saving money for Paducah...but I just couldn't resist this New York Beauty with Japanese theme fabrics, found on eBay. The quilt is coming from a seller in Indiana, and I don't have a whole lot of information about it yet, but there's a possibility the maker is male. If so, it would be the first quilt in my collection known to be made by a male quilt maker.*

*Edit: found out who made the quilt...Debra Kerns...see comments below!

The quilt caught my eye because it's made with great Japanese theme print fabrics and has an uncommon border with curved corners. It is 66 inches square with pinwheel blocks in the borders, and New York Beauty blocks in the curved corners. Of all the recently made New York Beauties I've seen, this quilt is among the most unusual. It appears to be whimsically machine quilted, too.

The back fabric is another wonderful print with traditional looking Japanese figures and flowers on a black background. Are those Geishas I see? Wow! Charming, unusual, and a great addition to my collection. Will post more information and pictures as soon as this beauty arrives.


  1. Of course you couldn't resist, they're in your very blood now aren't they?

  2. It looks like a great whimsical version!

  3. Interesting borders on this the curved corners too. Nice collection of batiks and oriental fabrics. Good addition to the collection! ps...I'll be at Paducha this year too! This is one of those shows that I really have to pace myself...lots of vintage and antique quilts vendors!

  4. Just got more information from the seller, whose name is Stephen (that's why I thought it was could be made by a male quilt maker). As it turns out, the quilt was not made by a male quilt maker. It was pieced and quilted by Debra Kerns for Karen Loser, owner of Quilter's Harvest in Lafayette, Indiana. Karen commissioned the quilt in 2000 as a display for the shop to entice visitors to purchase Karen Stone's books and fabrics. Quilter's Harvest shop opened in April of 1999 and is located in an historic building built in 1871. The building was originally a Methodist church, and also served as a Grange. The building had been abandoned from the 1950's to the 1970's, was converted back to a church, and held services until 1998, when it was purchased for the quilt shop. How fascinating!!!

  5. I am the maker- I love this quilt pattern and have made several variations. I also taught many classes with this pattern. I think I named the class Cartwheels on Easy Street. Quilters Harvest is a beautiful quilt shop in beautiful Indiana. I just received your e-mail from Facebook and followed the trail to here and find the pictures. I am heading to Oregon this summer and it is a beautiful state also.


  6. Hooray Debra!! You were very kind to not slap me on the wrist for thinking there was a possibility of a male quilt maker when Stephen was the seller. I'm glad we've connected, and will send you a few questions privately. It's important for me to keep the quilt and its history together!

    What a wonderful quilt, thank you so much! And feel free to share any anecdotal information here, too. The blog readers will love it.