Saturday, November 4, 2017

Polyester Dresden Fans

Dresden Fans, polyester, unknown maker, Texas, c. 1975, 82" x 96"

Solid color fabrics can make a quilt look modern, but there's nothing new about that idea. Some of America's earliest geometric pieced quilts were made with all solid color fabrics. Solids came back at several points -- some folks would say they never really went away -- but they were back in full force in the 1970s, when this Dresden Fans quilt was most likely made.

The quilt came from one of my favorite online quilt dealers, Susan Watson, who found several of the great polyester quilts in my collection. Susan's sister, Marjorie Childress, is one of my favorite collectors. The fans quilt is polyester, machine pieced and machine quilted, backed and bound in off-white cotton muslin and embellished with red zigzag stitching. It is 82" x 96".

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  1. thanks for sharing the poly quilt. I have a customer who dropped off 20 20" squares. Appliqued double-knit polyester flowers on white double-knit. She asked me to "finish them into a quilt, however you think best". I'm going to treat the blocks like t-shirt quilt blocks, tho they are much more stable than cut up t-shirts. I'll use quilting cottons for sashing, border and backing. What do you think?