Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pinwheel Hawaiian Scrap Quilt

This Hawaiian scrap quilt came from one of my favorite online vintage sellers in Waipahu, Hawaii. I love the island color with the tropical blue, jungle green and molten red and orange lava. The patchwork design is a variant of the pinwheel block, and it has an interesting design.

Each pinwheel is made of four square blocks, and each block consists of two pieced half-square triangles. One of the half-square triangles is pieced with two smaller, identical triangles; and the other is made of a larger triangle with a strip patch at one edge. Four of these blocks go together to form each pinwheel. This piece is more like a duvet cover than a quilt. Two layers with the pieced top and backing, it has an opening at one end but no batting, quilting or ties. It is 60" x 70" and was likely made in the 1960s or 1970s.


  1. What colorful and cheerful quilt. Beautiful!

  2. Awesome fabrics. So bright and fun. You're so right about the interesting design, that's what make it.

  3. Oh wow, gorgeous!! I'm so glad you're collecting these.