Saturday, December 17, 2016

Double WOW!

1970s Hawaiian scrap quilt, 91" x 107"
Two quilts just arrived, and Double WOW! The first is a monumental scale Hawaiian scrap quilt. It is actually an edge-finished patchwork bedspread, string pieced on cloth foundation with no batting or backing.

However, it is more than a quilt top because of how it is finished. Even the seams on the back are finished. If it was a top, the edges would probably be raw. It is 91" x 107", full of Hawaiian prints, bright, beautiful and intriguing!

The second quilt is a polyester zigzag from Ohio. What a fun, graphic quilt, and it has a great border!

It is 85" x 95" and includes mostly polyester double knit fabrics with a green and white cotton print border.

Double WOW! Christmas came early at my house. I was a good boy this year, most of the time.


  1. Wow! I love to see how that first one is finished - more like a bedspread than a "quilt" so cool.

  2. Wow and wow! These are both artistic treasures! The green and white striped fabric looks like a Marimekko I had back in the day 70's), in red and white.

  3. What an impact the Hawaiian quilt has!

    I have polyester double knit baby quilt that I'd like to give you, if you have an interest. I'd be happy to email photos. Send me an email if you are interested.