Sunday, December 11, 2016

1970s scrap quilt from Hawaii

This bright, tropical Hawaiian scrap quilt just arrived last week. It is 43" x 65" and made of mostly cotton muumuu fabrics, with a few synthetics in the mix. The general color scheme is blue and red, but there are some orange blocks and two others with multicolor, coordinating fabrics.

The blocks are square in a square or Economy Patch, but they are pieced with smaller patches, mostly half-square triangles. Such a cheerful quilt. I love it!


  1. such a lot of movement and interest in this quilt. i love quilts made out of prints - and the fact that they improvised other fabrics in when they came up a little short - it's what adds surprise and artistic interest!

  2. Really great. I love the way the floral fabric mush together, but also have some organization.