Thursday, October 27, 2016

new-to-me vintage, and another look at a favorite

Stacked Bars, cotton corduroy, unknown maker, Alabama, c. 1960, 67” x 74”    
A couple new-to-me vintage quilts arrived during the last few weeks. One is a gorgeous scrap quilt made of corduroy, and the other is a dazzling polyester quilt.
Diagonal One Patch, polyester, unknown maker, Kentucky, c. 1970, 84” x 90”    
Not much buying going on here lately. I've had to invest in a new wardrobe after dropping 60 lbs. It's OK, though. I've got as many quilts as I can handle right now.
String Quilt, polyester, unknown maker, Chicago, c. 1970, 62" x 74"
I was looking at this polyester quilt from Chicago, another recent acquisition, and admiring the back, so I thought I'd photograph it. What a great floral print. It's a lightweight canvas possibly used as curtains, tablecloth or upholstery fabric.
String Quilt, reverse view
How cheerful! It's almost a reversible quilt. The back was pieced with four large panels, but there was no attempt to match up the design along the seams...and I love that!

front & back


  1. 60 lbs. kudos to you. Would love to lose 60 lbs. nice quilts as well. I picked up a couple lately from my Father in law. Couldn't let them be discarded.

  2. 60 pounds lost...... is way better than 60 pounds gained.....would love to know how you did it.

    In the mean time glad to see you are still on the lookout for old quilts......

  3. Congrats on weight loss! How on earth did you lose it? Beautiful quilts. Love those graphic poly ones.. They sing!

  4. congratulations on your weight loss, and wishing you continuing good health. thank you for these beautiful quilts. i have a vintage poly quilt given to me by the old lady who made it, known only to me as "mom." :) i love that quilt; use it every winter and it seems bulletrproof!