Friday, October 28, 2016

"how did you do it?"

In yesterday's blog post I mentioned losing 60 lbs. this year, and having to buy a new wardrobe as a result. Every time I post something about it, I get several folks asking "how did you do it?"

My BMI - from obese to normal in less than 8 months

I don't mind sharing, but really, when it comes to advice about weight loss and your health, ask your physician!! I did what the doctors told me to do with nutrition after I had a heart attack in February.

Clearly, I was not happy to miss QuiltCon in Pasadena!
At the time, I weighed 255 lbs., and since I received a stent to open up a blockage of the left anterior descending artery, LAD - that's right, the "widow maker", I had to eat a certain way to keep the stent from becoming blocked. There was a little fear factor involved, especially when I heard widow maker. Doctors said cut fat, salt and sugar. Translation: eliminate processed foods!

breakfast didn't involve a cast iron skillet and bacon anymore
So, I got busy in the kitchen. Everything I put in my mouth was prepared at home with fresh ingredients. I started with an idea about how many calories I should consume by calculating my Body Mass Index (BMI) and figuring out how many calories I needed to consume daily to maintain and/or lose weight. After a couple weeks of keeping tabs on calories, I just knew, and didn't need to calculate anymore.

Please note: I am not posting any links here because I wouldn't want to spoil a good google search for you! And ask your physician!!

don't these carnitas tacos look delicious? (they were!) - sorry Taco Bell!!
One great tip came from "Cooking Thin" - a show that aired on the Food Network 15 years ago, hosted by Chef Kathleen Daelemans. There is also a cookbook with a great introduction. The tip: think of your supermarket like a road map, and stay on the perimeter, where all the fresh foods can be found. Avoid the inner aisles. That's where all the processed foods are.

the mussels were insanely delicious!
And wouldn't you know, eight months later I've dropped 60 lbs., and gone from "obese" to "normal" weight, according to the CDC's BMI calculator. By the way, I have not started an exercise regimen yet. I was too concerned about injuring myself by exercising overweight. Been there, done that, and I have the shoulders to prove it. Knees and hips are fine because I didn't try jogging at 255 lbs. Also, to be perfectly honest, normal activity was like having an exercise regimen after a long period of living with very low energy and sleeping a lot of the time.

An epiphany: I can wear Armani!
So, that's how I did it and that's why I'm buying clothes instead of quilts this year. The fun thing is I fit into all kinds of clothing I could never wear Armani! My only real advice is: love food, love yourself, cook like a rock star and keep the portions in check. A big thank you to everyone who had kind, supportive things to say about this little life journey of mine. Time for dinner!


  1. I think your lifestyle is fabulous. Keep it like this and you'll be able to get to be 100. I take your advice and hopefully will be able to loose 40lbs.

  2. This is great and thanks for sharing. I know from experience that maintenance is the real challenge. Good luck in keeping on top of things and maintaining your most enviable success!

  3. you look fantastic - thanks for all the sensible food tips, and have fun buying a great wardrobe!

  4. How you did it? and here I thought it was the change in glasses.... remarkable story ..... enjoy your shopping!

  5. That is fantastic.. I started eating better and running 2 years ago. I was 56. I count my calories and try to get in my 10,000 steps in or more a day. I lost 14 pounds and I fell great. I could still use more but I'm happy with myself and If it happens great.. I love Zumba and Body Pump too which helps. What a great journey you are having. It's so important to stay healthy..

  6. WOW!!! You look absolutely amazing! Good for you!!!

  7. Lookin' good...both you and the new quilt acquisitions. I especially like the corduroy one. Might just have to make one!