Sunday, October 9, 2016

I found it on eBay

1870s pieced quilt from Virginia
It's in my Quiltmania book,
and also on display through October 25th
at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Golden, Colorado 
Not long ago I was telling a friend about how I built my collection buying online, especially through eBay. Truly remarkable, some of the things I've found. Here are ten of my favorites, in random order. 
Hawaiian scrap quilt, c. 1970 - unveiling a regional tradition
Crossroads, c. 1870, Texas - surprisingly modern!
It's in my "Modern Roots" book
1890s masterpiece of folk art embroidery
American Legion Auxiliary Quilt
1930s time capsule of Salem, Oregon history
Amish crib quilt, c. 1900
once part of the world famous Esprit Collection
blue resist wholecloth, c. 1760-1800 - extremely rare!
quilt from Gee's Bend made by Lucy Mingo - I still can't believe my luck!
Masterpiece 1970s quilt from Louisiana.
I was one of the few people collecting polyester at the time. 
c. 1800 pieced quilt from Rhode Island
rare as could be!!
About 75% of my collection came through eBay, and sometimes I can't believe what incredible things I've found. 


  1. And I have enjoyed seeing them and learning about them and your enthusiasm for all things quilts.

  2. Amazing quilts ~ who would think these treasures are on ebay!!

  3. I can't imagine the hours you spend searching for these treasurers!

  4. I thought your New York Beauty exhibit had moved on to Texas. Do I have the dates on that wrong? What types of questions do you ask sellers on ebay about the quilts you are interested in buying?

  5. All great quilts! The treasures on Ebay are fewer these days, I'm thinking. Some of my favorite sellers are gone or nearly gone.

  6. Bill, can you tell me what makes all those black lines on the polyester quilt? Was it serged/overlocked? Here and there it almost looks like rick rack. Inspirational selection, thank you!

  7. I would like to know what you paid for them, so we can know what is a good price.

  8. I would like to know what you paid for them, so we can know what is a good price.