Thursday, February 25, 2016

Quilt Your Heart Out, Episode #2: Labeling Life

Today's the day! I am a guest on the second-ever episode of Quilt Your Heart Out, a brand new podcast with Marianne and Mary Fons, produced by Heather Kinion. We talked about labeling quilts, among other things, so I thought I would share a photo of one of my labels.

My friends Gail and Gregg at Phantom Chicken do amazing screen printing work. They do not offer label printing as a service, but we're friends, so I was able to convince them to do a few labels for me. Permanent is good, and information is important. Usually I also include the date, too. The thing I wanted to point out about this label is the inclusion of the name of the long-arm quilter. Clearly, at the time I had the label made, having Jolene's name on the label was more important to me than the date.

You can hear more on today's podcast, but I have one other nugget. If you piece your quilt backs, try piecing your label into the back. Plan it all out ahead of time, and make the label part of the whole plan for the quilt. It would be difficult to remove, and it sure wouldn't fall off. A lot of quilters are piecing their backs today, and I hope to see more of them making great labels and piecing them into the backs. I also hope to see a few rebels piece their labels into the quilt top.

Thank you, Marianne, Mary and Heather for inviting me to be a guest on the show. If you need me, just call, and I'll be there. For listeners, if you have questions or need pithy advice about old quilts or quilt history, you can call them in.  Phone: 1-773-273-9120 to reach the Quilt Your Heart Out line, and leave a brief message with your question. To listen to today's podcast, click here.

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  1. Since my appliqué skills are not that great, I've taken to piecing my labels in to the backs of my quilts and that has made all the difference. I love the flat-finished effect and it's neat to see my hand-quilting show up rather randomly across the label.