Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tom Korn in Quilters Newsletter Magazine

Another article has arrived, and this one is a feature about Tom Korn in Quilters Newsletter Magazine. It is in the April/May 2016 issue, not yet on the newsstands, but heads-up, it's coming soon.

You may have noticed a lot of articles coming from me lately. Don't worry, I'm not working too hard. Most of them were written before Thanksgiving. They are just coming out now, one by one. I think there were 8 articles total. The Quilters Newsletter article about Tom Korn is a favorite. I write about my own collection often, so it is very nice to have an opportunity to write about someone else, particularly someone I admire so much.

Tom makes remarkable ribbon quilts; large scale replicas of military pins. The first time I saw one of his quilts, I was totally blown away. It's been wonderful getting to know Tom, and what an honor to write about him for Quilters Newsletter, the mother of all quilting magazines. Congratultions to Tom, and may he enjoy continued success. To check out all the latest news, magazines, videos and web extras from Quilters Newsletter, click here.


  1. Thank you for sharing, will watch for it when my QNL. This reminded me of a lady that stopped me in traffic one day after following me down the highway. My sister made me a decal for my back car window that states "i love to quilt". Many motorists think its an advertisement for work. I politely tell them no I sew strictly for the enjoyment. I;ve contemplated taking the decal off but I've met some really nice people that have stopped to speak to me. One lady in particular told me a story about her Mother who was a thrifty quilter. Said that she would visit the cemeteries, and go through the tossed floral arrangements and take all the silk ribbons. She would tediously clean and press them, trim them down and make quilts out of these ribbons. I have never heard of that or seen one. That's taking thrift to a whole knew level. I wish I had thought to ask that lady if she had one I could see. Every person that has stopped me has told me the same story " my Mother, Grandmother... left me tops that I want quilted" just yesterday I was stopped.
    Many thank for your blog and knowledge.


  2. Barbara Brackman's blog today kept talking about Rocky Mountain pattern and near the end called it New York Beauty. Many photos... worth a look for that alone...