Sunday, May 3, 2015

for Jolene

My goal for the Northwest Quilters 41st Annual Show was met when my quilt, Oregon July, was displayed with both sides showing. I teased Jackie Nance about saving money on the drape, but really, I very much wanted people to see both sides of the quilt. People said they wanted to see the back, and I wanted them to see it.

It's really a reversible quilt, and the image on the back is like a wonderful secret, not meant to be discovered at first. Oregon is a well kept secret when you come from back east, as I did. It takes time to discover all the things about Oregon that make it such a spectacular place. In July, Oregon is especially sublime.

The quilt is about coming to Oregon for the first time in July 1998, falling in love with the place, and eventually discovering that it was so much more amazing than I first thought. Oregon made a big first impression. The large patchwork on the front in cool, serene colors represents my first impression. Since I didn't really know what Oregon was all about until I spent time here, the quilted landscape drawing, fully revealed on the solid green back, represents the incredible beauty here, and the sense of discovery.

Long-arm quilter Jolene Knight nailed it. We discussed the idea when I brought the piece for quilting, and she just got it. She is from Oregon, so I think she appreciated what the quilt was all about. The remarkable thing about it was she did the quilting from the front! The quilt received a second place ribbon for Long Arm Hand Guided Quilting at the Northwest Quilters Show, one of the more competitive categories, and the ribbon goes to Jolene! She earned it. But wait, there's more...

Jolene's quilt, Triangle Log Cabins, won the Guild President's Choice Ribbon!! Now, you have to understand, Jolene is relatively new to quilting and I believe these are her first ribbons. It may also be the first time she's entered a show, although her work has appeared in other peoples' quilts for the last couple years.

I thought it was wonderful of guild President Sue Hatt to select a modern quilt made by a bright, talented young quilter for the President's Choice ribbon. It was not entered in any voting categories, so that made the choice even more lovely. Thank you, Sue Hatt, and big congratulations to Jolene!!

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