Monday, May 11, 2015

"Collecting Polyester Quilts" in Blanket Statements

front page, the lead research article for Spring

Blanket Statements is the quarterly newsletter of the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG), an organization that establishes and promotes quilt-related studies. The organization holds an annual Seminar and publishes an annual journal of research papers called Uncoverings. When I first joined AQSG back in 2009, I thought about writing for the newsletter but wasn't sure I could write in Chicago Style.

1970s Tile Blocks, 100% polyester double knit

Recently, the editor asked if I would be willing to write something about my polyester quilts. Even though I am much more accustomed to writing in Associated Press style, I gave it a go. The article, "Collecting Polyester Quilts" goes through some of the intriguing points about later period, mid-century domestic quilts in America. The invention of polyester and development of DayGlo were two key areas of research, since the materials and colors were specific to a relatively short period centering around the 1970s.

1970s polyester Double Wedding Ring, California

Adding perspective from a collector's point of view, there are notes about values including changes in values during an active period of collecting over roughly five years. There are also notes about conservation work; such as the Moth-eaten wool patches on a mostly-polyester Double Wedding Ring from California, since replaced with vintage polyester double knit purchased from eBay.

Blanket Statements is a quarterly AQSG members' publication and is always brimming with great information about quilts and quilt history. For learn more about AQSG including how to become a member, click here


  1. Love your article and collection. I too have a collection of 80 "Wild Thing Quilts" from the 1950's-2000 which will be exhibited at the Oregon Summer Expo July 9-11 at Redmond, OR. I'm giving away all the quilts in exchange for donations to feed needy children locally through food bank and through See sneak preview: