Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a hot one!

This quilt was made around 1975 and came from a seller in Oregon, but could be from Hawaii.
Here's a hot one! It was impossible to resist the bold colors in this quilt, made around 1975. It came from a seller in Oregon, but it's possible the quilt was made in Hawaii. It includes prints that could have been found in Hawaiian clothing.

The back has another intriguing clue, which could point to Hawaii but also, California.

There are rice sacks from Calrose, a variety of rice grown in California, which accounts for 90% of the rice consumed in Hawaii, Guam and other Pacific islands. Pretty cool! I have seen feed sacks, grain sacks, sugar sacks, and flour sacks, but never rice sacks! The quilt is 50" x 63", for those keeping tabs on size, and I found it on eBay!


  1. I remember fabrics with that texture that shows in your close ups. Its kind of crepe like though I do not know if that is what it is called in cottons. Very 70s!

  2. It's wonderful. Makes me smile to see it as orange is a great color. Would have been tempted myself to purchase this one. How cool you got it and it appears to be in good condition which is always a plus.

  3. That is quite a quilt! It's fun to think of the history in such things!

  4. I thought "tropics" the second I saw this quilt. It makes me want to grab my swimsuit!