Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nice Surprise

I was reading a random something on Facebook yesterday, and came across a comment from a familiar name with a very familiar looking avatar image. It was Nancy Tanguay of Connecticut, maker of the wonderful New York Beauty I bought from her through Etsy a couple years ago. There was something different about the picture, though. I clicked it and realized it was a picture of the unquilted top, something I'd never seen before. What a nice surprise!

Here's what the completed quilt looks like.

It's interesting that the finished quilt, which is sleeved and labeled on the back, is rotated 45 degrees from its position in the picture of the top. I like it both ways! Thank you to Nancy for giving me permission to post the picture of the quilt top. I am delighted to see the picture of it in progress. 


  1. It's like finding "baby-photos" of your quilt!

  2. I love this style quilt - it's on my to-do list!!!!