Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"WOW-factor" Vintage Bedspread

It's a New York Beauty pattern, and it's reversible!
Karen Alexander sent me a note the other day to let me know about this interesting item on eBay. She is one of a few people I know who is willing to share a listing when it's something I might like, and this coverlet...I like!!

There was very little information in the listing. Here's what it said: 

"This WOW-factor vintage bedspread is done in the colors of a soft green and white. It is woven in a pattern similar to the Compass quilt pattern. Colors are green and white. The bedspread has a very soft hand and drapes beautifully. I believe the fabric would be a combination of cotton and rayon. The whiter side is meant to be the front but the reverse side is just as beautiful. Edges are scalloped. The piece measures 72" x 100". Very few blemishes on this BEAUTY...There is a cluster of very light rust spots on one corner along the edge. (This area is shown in closeup and would hang on the floor.) Also there is one 1/4" rust spot elsewhere. The back side has a few green threads popped along one short edge....(likely the "chin" area). Not certain of age....anytime 1930's-50's is likely. Both sides are shown. A STUNNING vintage piece!!!" 

Of course I bought it, but I haven't seen it in person yet and don't know whether or not there's any information about when and where it was manufactured. If there's anyone out there who may have a clue, please let me know. Will post more pictures when it arrives. 

By the way, thank you, Karen!!!


  1. I've never seen a New York Beauty done as a coverlet. To me, it's just fascinating!

  2. Hard to believe this is a woven piece....all the diamond edges look to be so smooth....not that jagged edge you usually see in coverlets.....and the details are so small, like the cornerstone sunbursts....WOW! Can't wait to see your close up pics when you get it!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. It's like New York meets Wales. :)

  4. My-oh-my! Itʻs a fabulous fake! Iʻm charmed.
    A fantastic addition to your collection of Beauties.
    For those of us who no longer play ebay, monitoring your acquisitions is a vicarious charge. Thanks, Bill.