Monday, July 4, 2011

Sisters: Quilter's Affair

Lucy Mingo of Gee's Bend, Alabama is in Sisters. She made this quilt,
which will be included in my class lecture, "eBay-O-rama" on Friday.
I'm getting ready for a road trip, and really looking forward to a nice drive through the scenic mountains of Oregon en route to the quilt mecca, Sisters, Oregon. I'll be there for the Quilter's Affair and will be doing an evening lecture on Wednesday on Old Quilts, and a class lecture on Friday, called "eBay-O-Rama". To borrow a term from the dance crew "I aM Me", which was recently crowned the winner on Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew, I'm planning on "brain banging" the audience.

Wednesday night's lecture - which should really be called "Old Quilts- My American Dream"- will include about 16 of my very favorite quilts, including several New York Beauties, the Album with Lyre Medallion by Mary Couchman Small, the MacMillan family quilt from Monroe County, Kentucky, and a kaleidoscopic silk log cabin that traveled to Japan for the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. I've planned 75 minutes brimming over with some of the most amazing American quilts to be found. Starts around 7pm at Sisters High School, and I think there may still be a few seats left. ;)

On Friday, I'm doing a class lecture on eBay, which will begin with some discussion about how eBay allowed me to grow my collection and some of the amazing bargains I've gotten. The showing of quilts will be followed by discussion about eBay, when I'll share some tips for buying and selling quilts and other items online.

Should be a fun road trip. Looks like good weather in store, too. I'm especially looking forward to meeting Lucy Mingo!


  1. Dang....I wish I could go to Sisters and see your lectures.....they sound like total fun!

    Have a safe drive, and have a blast while you're there!

  2. Have a riot, a blast, a splash of zany fun and best of all, you will have so many fun ops to CELEBRATE! the SISTERhood of quilting!!!!!! Just found your blog and already have fun! Em at