Friday, July 8, 2011

"Quilts: Bedding to Bonnets" at the High Desert Museum

The American Legion Auxiliary quilt is prominently displayed
Yesterday I saw the "Quilts: Bedding to Bonnets" exhibit at the High Desert Museum, and I was impressed. I'd never visited the museum before, but now that I realize what a nice museum it is, I'll be back again. They did a wonderful job with the display, signage, everything. It is an honor to have the American Legion Auxiliary quilt from my collection in the exhibit. Here are some pictures from my visit to the museum.

Welcome to the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon!
Painted paw prints lead the way in through a gorgeous sculpture garden.
Entrance to the Brooks Gallery, where the exhibit is currently installed.
Just outside the exhibit is an interactive station geared toward kids.
A camp scene illustrates the idea of quilts coming over the Oregon Trail. 
The exhibit includes quilted clothing, bonnets, and a selection of quilts.
Visitors seemed interested in this quilt, and its neighbor, both from Oregon.
Click the photo to enlarge, and read a little about the quilt.
A costumed docent guides interactive sewing on an old Singer.
Two of the petticoats (left and center) are from the Aurora Colony.
This exhibit is on display until July 24th. For more information, visit the High Desert Museum website at:

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