Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Pictures from Paducah

An ombre print fabric, most likely from the 1830's or 40's.
Everyone who visits Paducah, Kentucky, in April for the American Quilter's Society annual show is treated to whirlwind tour of stellar quilts. For me, participating in the appraisal skills and fabric dating classes, it was a whirlwind tour of antique and vintage quilts. The week-long experience was all about sharing. I learned a few things, shared a few things, and at the end of the week I think I learned something from everyone I met. All of the instructors were simply unbelievable! There was so much information, it would be impossible to do it justice in a blog, so I thought I'd share some pictures instead. Enjoy!!

As part of the Dating Fabrics class, instructor Linda Honsberger shared
a lovely late 18th century dress with delicately printed floral fabric.
I was very tempted to buy this whimsical 1830's wholecloth chintz quilt
from Cindy Rennels, but one of my classmates got to it before I could
decide. Instructors Carol Butzke and Gerald Roy show it to the class.
Next time I'll ask them to smile. :)
In one of the appraisal skills courses, there was much side discussion about
early 19th century woven tape bindings. Sometimes called Trenton Tape,
these tapes were most often associated with Trenton, New Jersey,
but also made in other places.

These red fabrics were called "Turkey" reds, but to many of us, the sashing
fabric looked more like a warm-toned madder red. Turkey red, made
with an elaborate, multi-step process, usually has more of a bluish tint.

Linda Honsberger shared this incredible printed fabric, which looked
very much like a copper-plate engraving most often done on paper.
Solid fabrics are often difficult to date, so there was much discussion
about my handsome little Amish crib quilt from the Esprit Collection.
Another incredible printed fabric from Linda Honsberger's collection
was said to be used in one of Mamie Eisenhower's dresses.
Bears gone wild, from a redwork block quilt, was a class favorite.


  1. Great photos...isn't it fun to review all the pictures after you get home from Paducah...

    It was great meeting you...nice to have a face to go with posts! Siobhan

  2. Fantastic photos! It sounds like a terrific trip with lots of learning involved too.

    What's with the bears? Too funny!

  3. Wonderful to see these photos,More eye candy please if you have them .

  4. thanks for sharing your photos with us, would love to hear more about the classes . Can you tell us what you feel you learned the most? what were you most surprised about???
    yes love those bears, but really love that oak leaf and reel block!

  5. The most important thing I learned is: nobody knows everything and everybody knows something, but those who think they know everything really know nothing. Sounds like something Confucius might have said. The most surprising thing was meeting so many people who recognized my name when I spoke it. I really didn't expect that at all.