Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wild Thing, Part 2

In my November 1st blog, I wrote about a quilt I call "Wild Thing" - in reference to the famous song covered by the Troggs in 1966. "Wild Thing, I think I love you," were the lyrics that came to mind when  I looked at that crazy block quilt in psychedelic colors. Today's blog is Wild Thing, Part 2, because this quilt has the same spirit and same wild colors. But this quilt is as close as I've come to discovering a 1970's New York Beauty style quilt.

This quilt, a Fans variation summer cover that actually has no quilting, is set the same way as a traditional New York Beauty, with pointed quarter circles wedged in all four corners of the block. Calling it a New York Beauty may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm not sure anyone was really making New York Beauties in the 1970's. It may be the closest thing there is to a 1970's New York Beauty.

The original "Wild Thing" - c. 1970
Both quilts are very "Brady Bunch" in their color schemes, bright, wild, and decidedly psychedelic. The Fans variation has sashing made of single strips of fabric, both neon pink and caterpillar green with pink and light purple polka dots. Each fan is constructed of five pieces, which look like little, fat neckties, set on a bright pink quarter circle.

Interesting discovery, I think, and I'll add it to the New York Beauty group until I'm slapped on the wrist and told that's the wrong thing to do. I do what I'm told some of the time, but when it comes down to it, I'm really just a wild thing.


  1. I like them both. is the top one made from cotton or polycotton?

  2. They are great! I think it looks like a "Wild Thing"!

  3. Both are very fun quilts! Love the 70's version of a NY beauty!! You know you'll get called out on it!

  4. I know, Lori, but I like living dangerously! Nice to see you over the weekend. :)

  5. Oops, I must correct myself. There is polyester fabric in this piece. Or at least, I think it's polyester. Mostly cotton, and some polyester.

  6. I love every gawdy thing from the 70's. Brings back the memories of my youth. Thanks!