Sunday, March 27, 2011

Charming Silk Rescue Quilt

Have you ever changed your mind about something you thought you wanted to sell? Yesterday, I found this charming little silk quilt when going through things I wanted to list on eBay. Originally, I was going to list it for sale, but then I took a good look at it and decided I liked it too much to sell it. So, I'm keeping it! :)

The quilt is 48" x 49" and has a pleasing selection of multicolored silks. Even though I'm calling it a keeper, it may not be a keeper to all collectors because of its condition issues. A few of the blocks show some shredding to the silk at the seams, and there is some bleeding of the dye in the black fabric.

I've had this quilt for a long time, and wasn't really sure what to do with it. When it surfaced again I immediately realized it was a rescue quilt, and so I'm going to add it to that group of quilts in my collection. The quilt is charming, colorful, displays well, and is a pattern I haven't seen elsewhere. I call that a keeper!


  1. I think it's beautiful. You probably know this, but it could be repaired, though display would require a sunproof plexi...

  2. Hi Gayle, that's what I thought I'd do when I bought it, but since then I've become interested in great quilts with condition issues. I can see an exhibit or something in the future - I would exhibit them just as they are, and make the condition the theme. I've noticed that quilts with condition issues really get people talking about the preservation of quilt history, and that intrigues me.