Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Northwest Quilters Show Pictures!

Viewer's Choice Award, "At First Light" 2011 by Jo Barry and friends.
The 37th Annual Northwest Quilters show was a huge success, and this year's show included a diverse range of wonderful quilts. It was my first year volunteering for the show, and it was awe-inspiring to watch all the volunteers in action. This year, I went around the hall and photographed all the entries in the show including the ID tags, and I wanted to share the pictures, so I posted them in a Flickr gallery. This blog contains just a few selections from the show. If you would like to view the complete gallery at Flickr, click here.

"Crazy Constellation" 2010, by Rita Young-Kilstrom
"Spinning Star" 2011, by Tony Haas
"It's a Tony" Challenge Quilt, 2011, by Featured Artist Paula Chipman
"Beautiful Nonsense" 2010, by Wendy Mamattah
"Dancing Curves" 2010, by Karan Brooks
"Red & Yellow Barn Raising" 2011, by Bill Crane
"Experiment with Teals" 2010, by Sue Hatt
"Finally...the Circles" 2010, by Kathleen Swick
What a great show it was!! I very much enjoyed meeting people and getting to know others I'd met before. To view the complete gallery from the 37th Annual Northwest Quilters Show, click here


  1. Thanks for the virtual quilt show...beautiful works!

  2. That was a good show. I really liked that first quilt you show- actually there were many awesome quilts.

  3. That first quilt is killer! I absolutely adore Jo Barry!!! <3 <3 <3